Year 6 Leavers Assembly


Hello, All year 6 children have now been given scripts with their parts highlighted. Please help your child to practice their lines at home, we will be having weekly practices in the build up to the last day of the summer term. Many thanks for your continuing support. Miss Crouch

Willow’s Germinating Allotment!


Willow class have been extremely busy getting green fingers! Over the past week the children have measured out an area for their own group allotments. After measuring, the children then began to dig, it was a lot harder than we first thought, the ground was solid, not to mention the fear of worms Liberty experienced!! However, the children persevered and eventually they dug out their patches of land. Following this, the children then sprinkled compost and […]

Eco Update!


Hello, The Eco committee have been working extremely hard over the last couple of weeks to complete parts of our Action Plan! Recently, we have built planters with the help of Mr. Owen and planted flowers in them. We carried out a survey to find out which classes are going to be planting over the next couple of weeks; our results were very positive with almost everyone planting around the school! We also carried out a […]

Save the Gorillas!


Do you want to help save the gorillas? Would you be happy if your home was destroyed? There are currently only 720 mountain gorillas left! One of the reasons behind this is your mobile phone! Did you know that if you recycle your old mobile phones you are helping save the rainforests and gorillas? Inside your mobile phone is a substance called Coltan, Coltan restores the     energy that charges your phone. People are chopping down […]

Civil Engineers in the making!!

As part of our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) project work, a group of Year 5 and 6 children visited the new Bay Campus University in Swansea to find out about careers in these subjects.  We spoke to representatives from GE Aviation about building and maintaining aircraft, we designed and tested blades for wind turbines and we found out about the science behind rock guitars.  We also built a 17ft replica of the Severn bridge which was amazing, but […]

Churchill ‘Lollipoppers’ Fund!


Churchill are running a scheme, the scheme is to give the winning school funding for a Churchill Lollipop man/lady. Please support Betws Primary school by clicking on the following website, clicking on ‘Nominate’ at the top of the page and then enter your name, email address, school postcode (CF32 8YD) and select Betws Primary School. The process takes no longer than 30 seconds to nominate our fantastic school. Finger crossed for Betws Primary School!!

Gorgeous Gallery At Betws Primary


As part of this term’s family learning programme, the Year 5/6 pupils have produced some excellent art pieces to coincide with their ‘Gallery’ theme work. Over the last month, parents and pupils have worked together to explore and create studies of famous paintings by the likes of Van Gogh, Money, Hopper and Matisse. The quality of these paintings have been exceptional and we have some budding artists in our midst (pupils and parents alike!). The […]

The Ghastly Gravy on the Starship Gastromo


What a great morning! All the children here at Betws primary were entertained with a great show brought to us by the @foodstandardsagency The children were taught all about how to keep ourselves safe from bad bacteria and germs that may cause us to become ill. The message was very clear today CLEANING! CHILLING! CROSS-CONTAMINATION! COOKING! Great morning

How lucky are we!


How lucky are we to have such a kind and caring person here at Betws primary. Ms Llewellyn  is a massive part of Betws primary school who is loved by all for everything she does. Congratulations Ms Llewellyn! You’re a complete legend and this is well deserved  xx Love all at Betws xx

Willow Class

Nathan Wyburn latest artwork of Justin Bieber

Good morning, The children have been working extremely hard this week with lots going on in school. During our theme ‘Gallery’, the children have looked at Nathan Wyburn wearing red lipstick and creating a Justin Bieber portrait using just his lips! They have looked at another Welsh artist; Richard Lewis, who, to help get over the January Blues, has drawn pictures of famous icons every day since the new year and is going to continue throughout […]