Holly Class investigate Bionic eyes!!

As part of our Sensoria topic this week we have been investigating the importance of sight.  Amelia very bravely attempted to cross our classroom with her eyes firmly closed and she found it very tricky, even though she has crossed the same path daily since September 2014!! We read on the BBC news about Rhian Lewis from Cardiff, who had an operation to attach a tiny implant to her eye to improve her sight.  It was amazing to see the results! […]

Year 5 & 6 family Learning!


Just a reminder that the Year 5 & 6 Art family learning will start the first week back; Thursday 25th February! This is session 1 and starts at 9.15am in your child’s classroom! Invites will be going out this Friday! We hope you can come along and join in the fun with your children! Miss Crouch

Willow Class

warhol 1

Hello! This week the children have been painting in the style of different art movements. They have painted in the style of Surrealism and Pop Art. The children have thoroughly enjoyed both styles of painting and have now built up a knowledge and understanding of different movements and artists. This is all in preparation for our Art Exhibition on Wednesday 2nd February! The children will now choose their favourite style to paint their very own master […]

Action Painting at Betws!


Year 5&6 enjoyed a very busy and creative Friday afternoon! Continuing our work on famous painters, we explored the work of Jackson Pollock, and the pupils took to the outdoors to create their own abstract action paintings. Much fun was had as a plethora of paint was slashed, dashed and dribbled as mini masterpieces were created. The completed artworks were then brought in to dry on the rack – watch this space for the results! […]

Pretty Perfect Poems!!

As promised, here are Holly’s amazing group poems which they have made even more appealing with their fantastic ICT skills.  Well done everyone, I am looking forward to your individual feelings poems this week! Holly poem 2 Holly poem 3 Holly poem 4  Holly poem

Year 3/4 Investigate rocks


We had a great day yesterday investigating different types of rocks. We studied the different properties of 5 different rocks Granite, marble, slate, pumice and chalk. We tested the different rocks to see if they were permeable, did it split? does the stone wear well? and if the floated. We also looked at possible uses for the stone and its general appearance.

Eco Club!


The children have, as always, been extremely busy this week. We have completed our posters that we will advertise around the school. The posters have helpful tips on how the children and staff in school can become more Eco friendly! We have an extremely busy diary over the next few weeks. We are looking to complete a school litter pick, plant fruit and vegetables and meet with Brian Jones from Keep Wales Tidy to help us […]

Year 6 Transition!


The children of year 6 took part in a transition Science lesson yesterday. The children thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it when they got back! The next transition day is Wednesday 20th April where the children will enjoy a Literacy and Numeracy lesson! Miss. Crouch

Year 5 & 6 Family Learning!

warhol 1

Don’t forget Year 5 & 6 family learning starts Thursday 25th February at 9.15am in your child’s classroom! Family learning will be art based, looking at the different art movements and art techniques used! We look forward to seeing you all!! Year 5 & 6 Team

Willow Class

The Water Cycle

Hello! This week we have been focussing on the processes of the water cycle. The children developed their knowledge and understanding of evaporation, condensing, precipitation, freezing and melting through internet research, prior knowledge of each other, linking to real life situations and through the use of PowerPoint. The children then wanted to investigate these processes! The children thought of their own enquiries in small groups and carried out an investigation into their chosen process! Some […]